Upgrade In-door Handle with Safety Handle Button

As an authorized exclusive distributor of Samsung smart door lock in Hong Kong and Macau, PLC always strives to offer the best products and user-friendly professional services to customers. We would like to introduce two Samsung smart door locks which featured with safety handle button: SAM-SHSH505FMKEN and SAM-SHSH705FMKEN. To open the door from within, users have to press the button and turn the handle therefore preventing any potential outside break-ins from intruders.


The seal label on the packing of SAM-SHSH505FMKEN & SAM-SHSH705FMKEN will be indicated that the product is featured with safety handle button. Each packing had included with detailed user manual of the safety handle button.


SAM-SHSH505FMKEN & SAM-SHSH705FMKEN are now available at PLC shops and selected dealers.


If you would like to have more information about the safety handle button, please refer to the product leaflet or contact our customer services hotline (852) 2765 9667.


For more details of SAM-SHSH505FMKEN, please see http://goo.gl/gDBDN2

For more details of SAM-SHSH705FMKEN, please see http://goo.gl/zwtxX7