Declaration Regarding Misrepresentation of Samsung EZon Fingerprint Door Lock

Regarding the recent complaint about the failure of Samsung EZon fingerprint door lock and related quotes from Mr Leung, the president of Locksmithing Institute of Hong Kong Limited on Next Magazine (Issue: 1095 published on 3 March 2011), The PLC Group would hereby declare as below:

After on-site examination by PLC technicians, it is found that the Samsung EZon fingerprint door lock (Model: SAM-SHS5230XMKEN) was installed by a third party (non-PLC technicians) improperly; the product failure was due to the following reasons, but not the door lock itself:
- the screws of base plate were not fully tightened
- the cables inside the mortise were not connected appropriately
- the mortise was not securely installed
- fingers of user were too dry and cracked for successful fingerprint scanning
- the way how users place their fingers onto the scanner was wrong
- the user was not aware that password is another access option
- the user was not clear about the detailed terms of warranty for PLC-installed lock.

President of Locksmithing Institute of Hong Kong Limited, Mr Leung also pointed out that Next Magazine misrepresented his statement and thus declared as follow (summary):
“Next Magazine only conducted interview with me on phone twice and I said failure of fingerprint door lock should not be dealt with or perceived in only one perspective. Related photos and statement posted in the magazine were without any factual basis.” 


n fact, fingerprint door lock has been launched to the market for many years, the mechanics and authentication technology are very mature. Not only popular among domestic customers, more and more major property developers in Hong Kong installed Samsung EZon fingerprint door lock for the flats in recent years. For example, Festival City which is a co-op project between KCRC and Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, some of the new properties of Sun Hung Kai Properties and Henderson Land will also use Samsung EZon electronic door locks for the flats. This shows that Samsung EZon gains trust from general public, customers are encouraged to use without hassle.